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Services:Interior Design / Space Planning / 3D Brand Development

Size:12,000 sqft

Date:2009 - ongoing

CHI Building 1, Rathbone Street

The advertising agency of CHIandPartners began life in Shoreditch House. They so enjoyed the qualities of ‘the club’ that they sought to develop the aesthetic approach for their own working environment. Our initial work established the key principles and how they might develop to address future transformations including, especially, expected considerable growth. Whilst the agency grew naturally associated agencies were also acquired who required their own spaces – and a way of accommodating their current identity within the CHI brand.

A set of loose-fitting principles were agreed around which the various agencies could find a way to establish their own brand. Principle characteristics included the making of ‘rooms’ that offered individual identities within the larger floor-plates that could flow from one to the other. Another principle was about desk-sharing using bespoke communal tables to unite teams as well as freeing up considerable space lost through empty desks. Finally, storage was reviewed and reconfigured to help frame team rooms as well as providing a set of necessary functions.

Current work involves the further development of brand team spaces set to further differentiate spaces allowing visitors and staff to go round the world on a trip through the workplace.

He has an understanding of and sympathy with the demands creative environments, he can listen to lots of opinions and condense them into something that will work, and he constantly comes up with new and interesting ideas to stimulate. I first came across him several years ago when at Ogilvy (when we tried to consolidate all the UK group into a new building in Canary Wharf) and since then I’ve used him whenever appropriate, most recently to look at what we do here at CHI, and I’ve also recommended him without hesitation to people who have needed help from time to time

He’s the best in the business without question!

Peter Walker, Finance Director

CHI Building 1, Rathbone Street CHI Building 1, Rathbone Street CHI Building 1, Rathbone Street CHI Building 1, Rathbone Street CHI Building 1, Rathbone Street