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Services:Architecture / Interior Design / Contract Management / Landscaping

Size:3,950 sqft over 3 floors

Date:Completed 2016

Glengarriff, Reigate

As with all our residential refurbishments we first analysed how the existing spaces supported the day-to-day living and movement of the family – and how easily they were able to flow from one room to another.

To improve the situation our first decision was to reposition the kitchen from the furthest corner of the house into its very centre.   Here it acts as a hub for all daily activities whilst still being connected to dining tables – inside and out – as well as to the garden.   A new minimally glazed entertaining space extends the house onto an existing terrace with views overlooking the garden.   Sliding screens open the walls to create a seamless connection between inside and outside extending the useable area of the house for entertaining or hot summer days.

The rest of the spaces on the ground floor were then simply laid out to accommodate this new order. Finishes include a new herringbone timber floor and hand-made, encaustic tiles in the hall and kitchen together with responsive lighting and IT provision to bring the house into the 21st century.

Externally, the canopy of the glazed element extends to the extents of the rear elevation to provide shading, rain-cover as well as visual continuity. The existing terrace has been levelled to offer continuous entertaining areas leading down generous new stairs directly to the garden. Instead of balustrading, planters have been provided on two levels to ensure the safety of visitors and the family alike whilst providing a degree of screening for the juncture between house and garden.

Ralph and his team were concise, thoughtful and innovative in their approach when re-designing our home. He guided us when guidance was much needed but just as important and maybe more so, gave us the confidence to explore our own ideas.

Undoubtedly, his unwavering patience and attention to detail was the bedrock to our successful revamping of our traditional Victorian house which he has transformed into a stunning and comfortable modern family home. He certainly maximised its potential and seamlessly dealt with all the normal administrative planning applications.

Wallis Lam

Glengarriff, Reigate Glengarriff, Reigate Glengarriff, Reigate Glengarriff, Reigate Glengarriff, Reigate