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Studio Buschow are architects interested in getting things done. We are able to use our experience to deliver innovative, practical and elegant solutions from individual homes to large-scale master-plans. We are interested in developing long-term relationships with our clients and seek to work in partnership with them in order to deliver improvements, efficiencies and value to their properties.

Over the past five years Studio Buschow has been involved in a lively mix of residential, commercial, religious, medical, community, and master-planning projects. The practice is energised through the deliberation, innovation, and delivery of highly regarded places to live and work. We believe that architecture has a profound effect on the lives of those who encounter it. The more thoughtful the architecture the better it fits, and more able to provide a benefit, to those using it. We believe that simplicity in design can directly lead to living a simpler and unobstructed life.

Much of this recent work sits on the foundations Ralph Buschow built as part of Buschow Henley Architects (1994-2010). The practice initially achieved universal acclaim with its innovative workplace designs for several creative agencies and multinationals that included Mars Incorporated and Unilever’s Innovation Laboratory. A substantial refurbishment for Talkback Television Productions was judged as one of the five offices ‘Best In Europe’ by an international panel of judges convened by AIT journal. Regeneration skills were further developed as Ralph spearheaded the practices work in Russia delivering complex and refined developments in central Moscow and the historic centre of St. Petersburg.

Residential work spanned from Grade 1-listed private residences through several private and affordable multi-tenanted housing developments and up to the scale of competition winning entries to develop a site for 400 homes at St. Mary’s, Chatham for SEEDA. The practices regeneration of the Shepherdess Walk project, completed for The Manhattan Loft Corporation, set the benchmark for loft developments as well as winning one of the practices four RIBA awards. Other areas of work included education, international exhibition programmes for Mazda and the RAC, and healthcare projects for which the practice was awarded Healthcare Architect of the year in 2008. Upon Ralph’s departure the practice changed their name to Henley Hale-Brown Rorrison.

The work of Studio Buschow continues to develop on the themes of crafting spaces and buildings that are elegantly designed, and with a great respect for those who will live and work in them.

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What We Offer

Working with You

We want to work in partnership with our clients. We want to understand how you live and work – and how we can help develop the most elegant and efficient solution to assist you – for today and tomorrow. Working alongside organisations we often help in the development of long-term strategic plans or working to develop three-dimensional branding programmes.

Often, through the process of design we become friends with our clients. And many of them remain so today.

The team you meet at the beginning is the team who will be looking after you and your project throughout – and we will be on hand to assist you, answer questions, or simply to look at things from a new angle.

Attention to Detail

We are unashamedly interested in every detail of the project – and at every scale. We have a great love of making things – and making things well. We spend considerable energy to find the most appropriate materials, products, and solutions – and all within the usual budgetary and programme constraints.

This approach ensures that we are able to reduce the level of risk – your risk. The more complete the information and project development prior to starting on the less design and cost variation should occur during the construction period. Contractors are often surprised at the level of detail we provide but it reduces the potential for unexpected surprises and ensures we achieve a very close version of what is expected – and what we have promised.

Looking for Opportunities

Within every project can be found opportunities that only exist within the unique set of circumstances of building and client. Studio Buschow take great care to discover and tease out these opportunities in order to ensure that the most appropriate solution can be achieved – as well as helping to create a completely unique place to live or work.

We understand that budgets and programmes are just as important as achieving memorable and successful environments. These too, however, can be opportunities as they often focus the minds, and the capacity of the team to deliver. Where there is a willingness to discover alternative solutions there is usually and creative, if unexpected solution.

Considerable Experience

Studio Buschow has been involved in residential, commercial, religious, medical, community, and master-planning projects – and that is just in the past five years! With this comes more than twenty five years of individual experience delivering creative, innovative and award- winning housing and workplaces that are internationally recognised.

This considerable variety of building typologies and client sizes/types offers real benefits with skills and experiences. Long-term relationships with consultants, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers ensure quick delivery from inception to completion of most projects.

Elegant and Memorable Solutions

There is no question that considerable time, energy, and thought goes into the making of our work. Our aim, however, is not to highlight this effort. Rather, a quality of timelessness is what we seek to achieve. This is based on creating simple and elegant spaces, using natural materials and light, and ensuring that the flow between spaces seems effortless.

Rather than shouting our designs seek to look and feel just right. This makes them easy to live with – not only today but in the long term. These simple and elegant qualities ensure the long-term flexibility of the homes, offices, and community spaces we create whilst helping to maintain their future value.